Training Course

Willowglen offers comprehensive training courses for its SCADA Systems to all clients. The courses provide instruction in the operation and maintenance of the Video-SCADA system.

The training courses rely on a mixture of classroom lecture and hands-on training. The standard courses offer the users the requisite knowledge to successfully operate and maintain their SCADA systems. However, specialized courses can be prepared to satisfy specific requirements. The courses utilize the project documentation as training material ensuring the participants will be able to use the material in their day-to-day work.

The training shall consist of 3 categories.

1.  Operator Training Course
The Operator Training Course is designed to provide participants instructions on day-to-day operation of the Video-SCADA system. They will learn to access the various display to monitor and control the process via the operator consoles.

2.  System Configurer Training Course
The System Configurer Course shall provide participants with the necessary knowledge to perform the Video-SCADA system maintenance functions. This shall include ability to do system start-up, database configuration, database editing, using the graphic configuration tools etc.

3.  Hardware Maintenance Course
The Hardware Maintenance Course provides participants with information and hands-on experience to troubleshoot the VRTUs and related system hardware. The participants shall also be trained on troubleshooting the host servers and computers.

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