R&D Division

Being different for the right reasons

We love being curious, ever searching for better ways and we celebrate ideas.
It keeps us on our toes and edges us ahead.


Our Dedicated R&D Division

Established in early 1998 to spearhead and manage product R&D at Willowglen. Plays an important role to synergise commercialisation of R&D outputs.

We work closely with Marketing and Project division to gain insight into latest client and industry technology and commercial requirements.

The success of our customers and of Willowglen is in part due to our R&D expertise. We can attribute our customers' high success rate and our own sense of achievement to our commitment to R&D. Our handpicked talent are rigorously trained through constant skills upgrading and development.


The People

R&D professionals with diverse expertise in software, firmware, OS, electrical, electronics, mechanical and mechatronics.

We take pride in having dedicated people from diverse professional disciplines, backgrounds, and experience. Idea-sharing and cross-learning are highly encouraged and celebrated, making our brand of teamwork closely connected, motivating and productive.

Our Expertise

  • SCADA Master System Software
  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • 3D Graphics Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Communication Protocol Development
  • Hardware & Software Customization
  • Process Control
  • Internet Of Things
  • Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Willowglen never stops evolving.
We are always looking for passionate & talented young minds to join us!