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The key to staying competitive is to eliminate as much waste as possible. For us, that means looking at functions from a customer's standpoint. To propose practical products that do away with unnecessary frills. By moving away from selling products to selling experience, we designed our RTUs with complete flexibility to suit your unique requirements. You are assured of a system that is scalable in both size and functionality. A system that is completely relevant to your application.

Willowglen RTUs are equipped with integrated video inputs. Advanced data compression technique is used to store and transmit high quality video and audio data over low speed communication links. Willowglen RTUs and Communication Controller are facilitated with easy communication with the workstation and other intelligent devices using either industry standard MODBUS, IEC 870-5-101 or other protocols. Extensive network protocols and interface capabilities including TCP/IP, DHCP and PPP are also provided.

1. 6000 Series RTU

When you need a robust and compact solution, the 6000 Series RTU is your choice. It is designed for plate-mounting, with I/O cards added on as required. Perfectly scalable for small to medium-sized systems, it can be equipped with multiple video ports for camera inputs. The RTU is able to transmit telemetry, video and audio data over the same communication channel.

High-speed communications are facilitated by its built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface. Video data is compressed and can either be recorded into a hard disk at the RTU or transmitted across the Ethernet, RS-485 or modem interfaces to a display computer. Remote video camera control is facilitated. Various built-in integrated self-diagnostic functions include monitoring of radio signal strength, power supply status, RTU temperature, and a watchdog timer to provide fail-safe operations. With its highly modular configuration, seamless integration is assured for future system expansion.

2. 7000 Series RTU  

The 7000 Series RTU consists of modular, high density I/O cards installed directly into a rack-mounted chassis. This series is excellent for large systems, capable of handling thousands of I/O points while conserving rack space. Multiple video ports for camera inputs are a standard provision. As with the 6000 Series RTU, telemetry, video and audio data are transmitted over the same communication channel. High-speed communications are facilitated by its built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface.

The 7000 Series RTU allows real-time viewing of multiple video images and remote video camera control. In addition, video images can be continuously stored on a local storage drive for later historical retrieval and viewing. To guarantee optimum RTU performance, various built-in integrated self-diagnostic functions as mentioned in the 6000 Series are also included. If reliability is your concern, we've got the solution. Redundant processor capability and the ability to hot-swap any card guarantees that your system runs without interruption. Maintenance work can be done with absolute convenience.

3. A Guide To Choosing The Right RTU  

Please download the attached PDF file for more information on how to choose the right RTU.

4. 8000 Series Communication Controller  

Imagine having a system with thousands of RTUs. Now imagine that each RTU needs a common transmission medium to communicate with the Master Station. This is where the Willowglen 8000 Series Communication Controller steps in to organise and simplify. Up to 128 communication ports consisting of modems, RS-232 ports and/or RS- 485 ports can be installed in a Communication Controller. For larger systems, multiple units of Communication Controllers can be used.

This series utilises an industry standard high-speed bus, providing an open-system architecture. Redundant processor and power supply capabilities translate to unprecedented reliability. It can also act as a server with optional modules for Ethernet and SVGA connections, and modules that feature SCSI and serial interfaces. High-speed wide area networking? You've found it here.

5. RS485-to-RS485 Isolator & Repeater (ISO-485)  

Optical isolation protects your equipment from dangerous ground loops, spikes and surges. Any of these misfortunes can scramble data or damage boards. Ground loops, spikes and surges can be stopped by inserting an optical isolation component in the data line. Willowglen ISO-485, which is a RS485 isolator/repeater, can be used for this purpose. ISO-485 optically isolates and protects equipment and also acts as a signal repeater to extend the range of RS-422/485 data lines. With using ISO-485, an existing RS485 system is expanded to greater than 32 unit-nodes limitation in the RS485 Standard.

All data lines, power and ground are isolated from one side of the ISO-485 to the other. It protects RS422 and RS485 equipment against 2500V RMS for one minute. ISO-485 also works on 2-wire or 4-wire systems. It can join 4-wire RS-422 with 2-wire RS-485 systems, simplifying the job and saving the cost of another converter. The ISO-485 uses terminal blocks on each side of the device. It supports Differential Transmit Data, Differential Receive Data, Signal Ground and Protective Ground. A power supply of 9 to 14VDC is needed to power up ISO-485 for normal operation.



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