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Willowglen SCADA System

Perhaps the best way to understand SCADA is to know what it stands for - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. Traditional SCADA systems provide only telemetry data. Communications services often incur a high cost. Building on these two facts, Willowglen has taken SCADA one step further. We integrated the transmission of video data, interfacing for various different monitoring or business systems at respective downstream or upstream. This novel approach proves to be exceedingly cost-effective in terms of cabling and recurrent communications expenditure.

Throughout the world, Willowglen SCADA installations continue to speak volumes for our proven track record.

In a SCADA system, a central Master Computer communicates with multiple RTUs. As such, SCADA systems are primarily used for remote monitoring and control.

A SCADA system will perform data acquisition, calculations, alarm management, data trending, operator display and control. Most importantly, a SCADA system must be easily expandable to handle additional remote sites and I/O points.

Always at the cutting-edge of technology, Willowglen forms the cornerstone in remote monitoring and control applications. Our versatility lets us service virtually any modern-day utility and facility.

What Makes A Willowglen SCADA System

Computers with Willowglen WillowLynx SCADA software

Any third party communications medium integrated into the Willowglen SCADA system to enable communications between the Master Station and Remote Sites

Willowglen RTUs connected to field devices, equipment, monitors, sensors, video ca
meras, etc.


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