Intelligent Transport Systems

We raise the bar on Intelligent Transport Systems by providing a complete networking of systems controls. From traffic surveillance to video-based incident detection, fixed intelligent camera and traffic, to field-to-station integration. Ensuring ease of operation, optimum efficiencies and continuous support.

Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS)
Public Information & Dissemination
IP Video & Video Analysis
Network Infrastructure
Traffic Control and Surveillance System Command Centre

What We Do

ITS Solutions

  • Robust transmission infrastructure; fibre optic and transmission backhaul.
  • Comprehensive Command and Control Centre facilities
  • Video based Incident and Data Collection System
  • Reliable and scalable HD Camera System
  • Open Video Standard Solution – ONVIF compliance
  • Proven Public Information and Dissemination using Variable Message Sign (VMS)
  • Comprehensive Automatic Transport Management System (ATMS) to enable Intelligent Transport and Public Surveillance initiative

These equipment have been deployed at many locations with an impeccable field service record and are designed for 24/7 highway traffic and surveillance in mind.

ITS Key Components

  • Traffic Control and Surveillance System Command Centre

    A comprehensive facility to enable city traffic command and control and video surveillance.

  • Network Infrastructure

    Industrial grades backbone network infrastructures and industrial proven edge switches.

  • IP Video & Video Analysis

    HD quality video images and Video analytics on the edge to avoid single point of failure and heavy video processing at the backend. Vehicle Counting can be done at the camera level.

  • Public Information & Dissemination

    Variable Message Sign (VMS) is the most effective way to disseminate road and traffic condition to road users.

  • Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS)

    A modular software which amalgamate multiple services into single graphical user interface to enable ease of operation and management.

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